Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kitchen Redo 101: Great Colors for Kitchens



Greige is such a fabulous paint color to use not only in your kitchen but throughout your whole home. It is a combination between gray and beige and we just cannot say enough good things about it. It gives your home an updated look and feel without making your space feel cold which can sometimes happen with true gray paint colors. Some of our favorite greige paint colors include Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray, Mindful Gray, and Repose Gray.


Muted Blue/Green 


Muted blue/green is another great color for kitchens. It combines the cool and serene feeling of soft blue with the crisp and clean feeling of green. Great examples of this muted blue/green color are Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, and Rainwashed. Both photos display Sherwin Williams Sea Salt used in kitchens.



Sage is another fabulous color to use in your kitchen. This one is a tried and true color that designers and homeowners alike have been using in kitchens for years. This classic color gives just the right amount of color and drama to your space without getting to dark. Green also represents freshness and cleanliness which is why it is a fantastic color to use in a food prep area. Whether you choose to simply paint your island, your cabinets, or just your walls in this color it will not let you down. Sherwin Williams Clary Sage and Svelte Sage are both great options.


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