Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How to Beat Cabin Fever - Decor DIY Projects

Give an Old Piece New Life with Glossy White Spray Paint 


This is a great DIY trick for those thrift store finds, or older pieces in your home that need some freshening up. To achieve the look in these pictures all you need is one coat of spray primer and two coats of white glossy Rustoleum spray paint. It will give your piece the look of being ceramic even if it isn't. 


Make a Designer Boot Tray 

Tis the season for wet and muddy boots being tracked into your freshly cleaned home. Solution? Make your own designer looking boot tray! All you need is a tray, and a few bags of river rocks. Make sure you get a tray with a tall enough lip so the rocks wont spill out. Just pour the rocks into the tray and voila, you have got yourself a cute, functional tray to leave your boots on when you walk in the door.


Update Outdated Brass Fixtures


Here is another easy DIY using Rustoleum. Are you wanting to replace your outdated brass fixtures but don't have room in the budget to do so? Just pick up a can of Oil Rubbed Bronze Rustoleum and paint them yourself! Here are some before and afters from people who have done just that!


For more DIY info check out this quick video about our wE-design service:

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