Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2016 Home Goals: How to Use Heirlooms and Antiques with Newer Pieces

Minor Tweaks 

Sometimes all your antique needs is some minor changes in order to work with your home’s decor. Something as simple as painting and distressing an antique dresser can give it just the look you want. You can also repurpose old pieces and turn them into something more useful for your home. This is also nice because it can be done again and again as your other decor changes.


Reupholster / Refinish  


Another way to incorporate your heirlooms and antiques into your space is to reupholster or refinish the pieces. It is amazing how big of a difference these changes can make. If you have a great piece, and you like its shape and size, it is definitely worth holding onto until you can decide your plan for it. Whether it be refinishing a dining table, or reupholstering an old chair, you will be glad to get new life out of it, especially if it holds sentimental value.


Group Old with New


These photos show some great examples of how you can mix your heirlooms and antiques in with your newer decor in a way that makes sense. The mixing of old and new will create an interesting statement and people will be drawn to it more than a group of similar items. Variety is definitely your friend when it comes to accessorizing. 


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