Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Decorating 101: The Table

Start with a Tablecloth or Runner
A runner and/or table cloth will act as a nice blank canvas for you to build from. It is a simple way to create a backdrop that ties into your colors. Even a simple, white table cloth can work wonders by making your other items stand out that much more. 

Choose your Colors
If you are overwhelmed with where to start with your holiday table, choosing your colors is a great way to get the ideas flowing. There are so many different color combinations people are using around the holidays now, it is easy to find one that appeals the most to you. Whether it be your classic reds and greens, or crisp whites and silvers, there is sure to be a combination that catches your eye. 

Go with a Theme
Choosing a theme is another easy way to make decorating your holiday table nice and simple. Once you have an idea, you can just slowly pick things up as you come across them that fit with what you are going for. It can be overwhelming to try and do it all at once, so try and have fun with it and take it slow! 

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