Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How to Show Support at Home for your Favorite Football Team


With football season being fully underway, you may be wanting to show your support wherever you can in and outside of your home. Here are some simple, cost effective ideas of how to show your support for your favorite football team without interfering with your current decor. 

Team Wreaths


A team themed wreath for your front door is a great way to show your support in style. You can either be courageous and make one yourself, or purchase a pre-made wreath from places like etsy.com or even at a local arts and craft show. This is a great item to invest in as you will be able to use it sports season after sports season!


Jersey Pillows


This idea is for the more die hard of football fans. Using football jersey pillows may be a bit out of your decor comfort zone, but if you use them in your media room or even your man cave, they could fit in just perfectly. These would also make for a great topic of conversation among visitors!

Team Garden Flags

Using a team flag in your garden is a fantastic, cost effective way of showing your support for your favorite football team. These can be as simple, or as decorative as you wish. There are even your choice of  “house divided” flags which show support for multiple teams. These also make for a beautiful splash of color in your garden which may be lacking some flare during this time of year.


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