Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to Arrange Your Porch and Entry for Spring

Spring is the perfect time of the year to take a fresh look at everything and liven up your home. Your porch and entry are great places to start doing so! They are the first places you see when entering a home so even making a few small changes can make your whole space feel different.

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Starting with the porch, try to change up the placement of your furniture if you have the space for it. Even if you just have one chair next to the door, try switching it to the other side just to create a different look. This will give you a jumping off point for the rest of the changes. Also, you can mix in some rustic elements like barrels as tables or outdoor lanterns for accessories.

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Purchase a few new accessories for your porch like a wreath that incorporates bright and fresh colors of the season. Getting new cushions for your outdoor furniture would also freshen up the whole area. Indoor/outdoor fabric, such as Sunbrella, works best for the cushions and pillows because they hold up to the weather well. If all new cushions are not in the budget, maybe a new bight throw pillow for your existing cushions would do the trick!

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Moving into the entry, you can use the same principles you did for the porch. Re-arrange the existing furniture for a fresh look. Then take a look at your existing accessories and see what few changes you could make to add to them and create a fresher space. Something as simple as picking up a faux orchid for you entry table can make all the difference by bringing the outside in. Some good go-to pieces for your entry are floor vases, entry mirrors above console tables to reflect light, and artwork that sets the mood for the rest of your home.

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