Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Year, Love Your Space: A Snow-Day DIY Project

The snow has been coming down. Which means less going out and more staying in. And we all know we begin to pick our homes apart the longer we stay cooped up. One room that tends to be overlooked is the laundry room. In one day you can revamp this room with a few DIY projects.

The biggest impact will be color. Adding some spice into this seemingly dreaded area will transform it completely. So pick up a bucket of paint and get to it. This will take hardly any time out of your day and will be well worth the couple of hours.

Not only will organization make your life easier, it will make your laundry room appear more polished and put together. Matching baskets for clothing and supplies are a must along with matching jars for powders and loose change. Get everything off the floor, so shelving and cabinets are always nice if you have the space. Even mount the ironing board on the wall if you haven’t already.

Last but certainly not least personal touches. Put a patterned rug down, hang some pictures on the walls, and even name tags for each person. These little touches will make your laundry room more enjoyable.

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