Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Three Ideas on Creating a Great Space for Learning in Your Child's Room

Parents are always wondering how they can help their child learn at home. We’ve come up with three ideas on how you can create a learning space in your child’s room.

Bring Everything to Child’s Level.
It is important that whatever the learning tool is, that is easy to access for the child. Here is a great example of learning tools that can easily be accessed by the child. A world map rug, large calendar, and a dry erase board are all great learning tools. They can help a child learn countries and continents, days and months of the year, and practice writing, all at their finger tips.

ABC Wall
This is a great way for a child to learn their ABC’s. If you are having trouble filling wall space this also is a great wall décor. Using different fonts, sizes, and color will help make learning their ABC’s more fun!

Reading Nook!
Reading in essential to any child’s learning. Adding a reading nook/space to their room can help improve their reading and allow them to have their own mini library.

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