Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Fashion of Style: From the Runway to the Living Room.

 Interior design and fashion have always been connected, and originally furniture would not appear until five or six years after it made an appearance on the runway. But times are changing. Now there is hardly a gap in turnaround. Color palettes of garments and outfits inspire us because we want our interior to tell the same story.


Dior’s Fall 2012 runway set featured thousands of flowers, perhaps taking an overly aggressive approach to femininity.

As you can see this wallpapered kitchen gives a similar sense. The bold colors and texture invite the same feeling of over-the-top femininity as the Dior runway.

It is not only runway shows that inspire us to bring personality to the spaces we live in but also trends. Think about the nude trend, everything is neutral from clothing, to shoes, to accessories, and even makeup. This transitions fabulously into the interior design. Neutrals soften the hard edge of spaces and convey a relaxed, tranquil feeling.


The Pantone color palette is not only meant for the fashion industry. The Pantone Fashion Color Report provides a palette of popular hues seen on the runway. These selected pastels, neutrals, and brights offer fashionable inspiration for interiors as well.

Lets take a look at 2014’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid. It’s a bold purple, which is great to use as punch of color on upholstered pieces and artwork and accessories.

We are always looking to different places for inspiration, the fashion world just happens to be the place that is a little more dramatic and the most talked about. The same things, nature, architect, even the past often inspire fashion and interior designers, so it only makes sense that they would also inspire each other.

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