Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To: Prep for Your First Meeting With an Interior Designer

How To:  Prep for Your First Meeting With an Interior Designer

Have a lot of questions and specific requests for the space you’re decorating?
Unsure about what you should and should not do before you meet with an interior designer?  To help you deal with that, here are a few things to do and consider before your initial meeting with your designer.  With a little prep, you can make the process organized, simple, and stress-free.

Before you meet…

Relax.  Leaving a client feeling accomplished and stress free after any meeting is a goal for every designer, especially the Polka Dots and Rosebuds team.  so take a deep breathe, and know that we’ll do everything we can to make your experience a great one. 

Decide your overall goal(s).  Do you want to improve the use and efficiency of space, including storage and organization?  Do you want to incorporate a particular color into the design?

Think about your needs.  What activities will take place in the space?  For example, if you have children or plan on entertaining, durable furniture would be the way to go. Stain and water repellant fabrics are always a plus as well.  Or do you want to create a bedroom that is a soothing retreat?  Lighting and color will be especially important here.

Make a list of what you like/don’t like about the existing space.  If you are modifying an existing space, what do you currently like about the space? What do you most want to change? Why?

Determine dates.  What is your time frame for completing your design project? Is there a date or impending event by which your project must be finished?

Set your budget.  Having a realistic budget is key to having a successful project.

Pin it!  Pinterest is a wonderful tool to help you gather great ideas and looks that you love.  Check out Polka Dots & Rosebuds Interiors owner Liz Toombs’ Pinterest page here.  Click to follow, and start a new board for your upcoming project.  You’ll be amazed at all of the cool ideas you’ll find!

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