Monday, November 28, 2011

Not your Grandma's Fireplace

This is the time of year I really miss not having a fireplace!  Since I don’t have one, I start admiring other people’s and take note of how their surrounds look.  My favorite fireplace surrounds tend to be the ones that aren’t plain Jane and ordinary. 

This surround was painted by a local artist and friend of mine, Natalie Brockman.  The intricate carving, metallic accents and creamy marble-look make this surround a piece of art!

Simple and clean is what comes to mind when I see this fireplace.  I love the miniature tiles running around the hearth and up the wall.

Another faux painting job done by yours truly.  This surround had tile on the hearth and up the inside of the built-ins.  However, the builder chose not to put any on the wall between the fireplace and mantle.  It looked so awkward!  My savvy client simply called me in to paint squares that mimicked her tile.  Now you can’t tell the difference.

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