Thursday, July 7, 2011


I had the opportunity to hear Jeff Sheppard speak at a dinner last week. He shared with us the topic of being Dreamshapers. As you've probably guessed, dreamshapers are the people in your life who've helped you achieve your dreams. Each dreamshaper has a different role but all are important in getting you to the end goal.

While he was sharing this message, I couldn't help but let my mind wander to my dream shapers. The ones that stuck out the most in my mind were my dad's parents. My grandparents and I were very close growing up and I still visit them each trip I make back home. They are the reason I am in the decorating industry.

My grandad was a retired school principal who took up real estate (quite successfully, I might add). Most Sundays after church, I would accompany him and my grandmom to his open houses. I had a few particular favorites, one of which was a house designed by a protege of Frank Lloyd Wright. Grandmom would tell me all about the architecture and we would walk through the house admiring it. Grandad would listen as I went room to room telling him how the furniture should be arranged. As the years passed, we went through more houses and I continued to imagine what could be done with each space. They were very encouraging when, circa age 10, my cousin and I decided we wanted to open EZ Architecture when we grew up (EZ was an acronym for our last names as well as a play on words). We would waste countless sheets of paper drawing out floorplans and writing up fake business contracts at the built-in desk in my grandparents den. Obviously that concept morphed a bit since I am not an architect, but the general idea and passion are the same.

Anytime I start to complain about my day or I am slightly put off by having to go to work, I think about my dreamshapers. Then I'm quickly snapped back to a state of gratefulness. I'm feeling exceptionally blessed this week with my feature in skirt magazine hitting newsstands and my days being filled with work. Without the time they spent with me nurturing my love of decorating I would not have come this far. The timing of this post is very appropriate seeing as Grandmom celebrates her 89th birthday today, and Grandad his in just a few weeks. You can bet when I wish them a "happy birthday" I'll thank them for being my dreamshapers.

Happy dreaming!!

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