Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Emotional Experience

It was brought to my attention recently that I don't sell design services or even products for a home or office. I create an experience. And an experience is driven by emotions. I've known for awhile that what I provide my clients goes deeper than the superficial design that I offer them, and call me dense, but it wasn't until today that it really clicked. I am giving people the chance to walk into a bedroom that melts their stress away; the opportunity to proudly host that family BBQ for the 4th of July; and the ability to invite friends over to watch the ball game without grimacing at the thought of them seeing the hodge-podge of furniture in the family room. Everyone is motivated by different reasons, but the one thing they have in common is that those reasons are entirely emotional! Without my being fully aware of it, those emotional reasons were the basis of my company tag-line "affordable luxury". I understand the word "affordable" means something different to everyone. My goal is to combine this understanding with the understanding of the client's emotional motivation to create an experience which evokes a happy emotion!

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