Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This is the last installment from the "Tips to Transform Your Space" segment. Indulging doesn't have to mean  over the top or breaking the bank.  You can provide yourself little luxuries in your space that make it the place you want most to be.  For example, your master suite is your personal haven, so treat it that way. Splurge on beautiful tiles, massaging showerheads and luxurious linens (for some this means paying more 9.99 for a set of sheets, for others is means silk sheets).  Another example is wall mounting a tv and adding surround sound in the family room.  The list of ideas could go on and on.  Everyone's tastes are different.  Just remember that whatever you decide to splurge on, always be sure it makes sense for your home and for you.

Happy Indulging!

P.S.- Stop by the Signature Club tomorrow night for the PWF Networking and Business Showcase.  5-7 pm.  $20 includes admission, food and drink.  Lots of prizes given away.  Attendess can take advantage of my discount on holiday decorating and custom painted gift items.  You don't want to miss this event!!

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